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WEDNESDAY Jul 15, 2020 at:
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Discover The Power Of Present Moment

Quiet Your Mind, Change Your Life,
Mindfulness meditation in everyday life

Meditation is a worldwide accepted practice of quieting the mind as well as the soul. However, you don’t have to be religious in order to believe in and practice the art of meditation. It’s simply a tool that will help you relieve your daily stress and help you know yourself better.

hosted by

Sanjay Bhasin
International Success & Wellness Coach

Sanjay Bhasin is an Author, Success Coach & Entrepreneur. He is a modest man who solemnly believes that his two biggest business failures have been the best lessons of his life.

In business there are always going to be ups and downs. However, there is always a way to achieve extraordinary results for your business.

His research and study of 8 years and the experience gained from the failures & success have helped people to grow for fulfillment.

guest presenter

Anthony Profeta
Wellness/Business Meditation Spiritual Coach

Anthony is an internationally-known medical student turned meditation/mindfulness teacher whose knowledge stems from 20+ years of study & practice. His passion has lead him around the world studying various techniques in monasteries & meditation centers of the US, Nepal, & India.

Anthony has studied with a Japanese grandmaster, Yogis/Swamis, Buddhist & Christian Monks. He considers himself very blessed to have been mentored by such well-respected teachers Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, & H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama.

Benefits of meditation

A boost in happiness by increasing positive emotions, decreasing depression, decreasing anxiety, and decreasing stress.

Gives you a boost in self-control by helping you regulate emotions and allows you to introspect.

Improves your productivity by increasing your focus, attention, and ability to multi-task, memory, and ability to be creative.

Go from medication to meditation

How meditation helps in physical and emotional health?
  •   An increased immune system function.
  •  Decreased sensitivity to pain.
  •  Decreased inflammation on the cellular levels.
  •  Increases the gray matter in your brain.
  •  Increases the volume of your brain in sections that relate to emotional regulation, positive emotions, and self-control.
  •  Increases thickness in areas that correspond with focus.
  •  Lowers your blood pressure while you’re meditating and for hours afterward.
  •  Improves blood flow and circulation throughout your body.
  •  Lowers your heart rate and respiratory rate.
  •  Lower your cortisol levels and gives you a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.
You will learn in this master class:
  •  How to start meditating? How long until I see some results?
  •  How long should I meditate for?
  •  What’s the ideal session duration?
  •  What are the best postures to meditate? Is it okay to meditate in bed to build habit?
  •  Can you meditate with your eyes open? Should I keep my eyes open or closed?
  •  What is the best breathing method for meditation?
  •  Will meditation make me too relaxed or spaced out to succeed at work or school?
  •  How can I find the time to meditate in my busy schedule?
  •  Should I always meditate in the same place?
  •  Can I meditate in a chair or lying down instead of cross-legged on the floor?
  •  What to do when the body itches during meditation? Or when my mind keeps playing songs?
  •  What should I do about the restlessness or discomfort I experience while meditating?
  •  Is meditating and guided visualization the same thing?
  •  What should I do if I keep falling asleep while I meditate?
  •  How do I know if I’m meditating the right way?
  •  Can I meditate while I’m driving my car or sitting at my computer?
  •  Do I have to give up my religious beliefs to meditate?
  •  Can meditation really improve my health?